Pancakes, Procrastination and Prayers

  • Feb. 24th, 2009 at 3:55 PM
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Today is Shrove Tuesday. This means 3 things:

Most importantly, Pancakes For Dinner!!!

It also means that all we forgetful Catholics are struggling to think of something to give up for lent.

I had a great lot of difficulty with this (for about 2 minutes; I only realised today that it was lent), until my dear friend [ profile] shenniefish suggested that I should give up creative writing.

This is a brilliant idea for 2 reasons.

The first being that it is something that I don’t really care about (especially at this time of year, what with the lack of Nanowrimo and Suwrimo) and, therefore, will not miss all that greatly.

The second reason is that it (hopefully) will get me out of submitting the first 2,000 words of my writing task which are due on Friday(?) for my English Extension II class (please forgive the run-on sentence; extra English classes often have this effect on my grammar). Hopeful this means that I can put this task off for another 40 days. My teacher is also Christian (albeit another denomination, I think), so I’m hoping that she will understand.

The brightest side of lent this year, as opposed to other years, is that my (Jewish) mother is not in the country to inform my priest when I epically fail and eat half a chocolate cake at 3am (last year); forget that its lent and order a steak at lunch (2003) or begin swearing like a sailor when my cousin decides to decorate my bedroom walls with crayon and I have to clean it up (2004).

Surprisingly enough, those have been the only years in which I have failed to make it through lent. I’m actually rather proud of myself.

If I believed in God/Jesus/organised religion I might actually be a decent Catholic. Who knew?

The 3rd on my list of the-meanings-of-today-being-Shrove-Tuesday is that, tonight, I have to go to midnight mass, which means that I won't get home until 5am at the earliest, which means that I'm going to be unfathomably tired and, therefore, cranky at school tomorrow. Then, after school, I can't go home and sleep because I have to go to church again and begin 'the cleansing process' with the first of my 40 days of confession followed by prayer.
And the Clergy wonders why so many people are Atheists?


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