My friends are all brilliant

  • Dec. 6th, 2008 at 2:23 PM
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The other day I received a phone call from a very excited friend of mine. Here is a reconstruction. I have changed my friends' names for the sake of anonymity. They will thus be referred to as Lady C and Little Miss A.
Her: Oh my god, hey. guess where  we are? You'll never get it.
Me: There isn't much point in me guessing then is there?
Her: come on, guess.
Me: um... church?
Her: not even close.
Me: volunteering with sick old people?
Her: eww. No.
Me: You're right, I'll never get it. I give up.
Her: we're at the hospital.
Me: what? you said I'd never guess. That would have been at the top of my list. That's definately cheating.
Her: Are you going to ask what we're doing at the hospital?
Me: what? oh, yeah. right. what are you doing at the hospital?
Her: Lady C is having her stomach pumped.
Me: You're surprised by this?
Her: She drank a lava lamp!
Me: That's stupid. You can't drink a lamp.
Her: No. The stuff in the lamp. The purple stuff.
Me: Oh... That IS stupid... Why?
Her: Little Miss A bet her that she wouldn't.
Me: Oh, I see... well... what did it taste like?
Her: she says "purple death."
Me: uh-ha.
Her: Yeah. Who knew? Oh, I've gotta go, she's coming out.
Me: yeah, okay. Send her my love.
Her: will do.
Me: Hey, what did she win?
Her: huh?
Me: you said it was a bet. what did she win?
Her: Oh, a piece of string and a paper clip.
Me: Oh, naturally...

so there you go. One of my best friends in the whole world ingested the contents (she drank the entire thing, by the way) of a lava lamp for a piece of string and a paper clip. I would love to tell you that this was an isolated incident and that none of my friends had ever done anything that stupid before, but alas I cannot...
Another of my friends recently pointed out the fact that the lamp would've had to have been heated up in order for Lady C to have ingested the wax. I haven't yet had a chance to investigate this


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