Obama's Inauguration

  • Jan. 21st, 2009 at 5:37 AM
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This morning, at 3am, I sat excitedly on my couch as Barack Obama's inauguration began.
As I listened to the words of people who had complete faith in President Obama (yay, I can finally say it!!!) I was filled with an incredible sense of joy that, after some wrong turns, the world is, once again, heading in the right direction.
I sat riveted as the President spoke such honest and powerful words. He did not, nor has he ever denied that there are hard times ahead, but he is confident that these struggles can be overcome and this inspires confidence within me.
As the television went black (and my heart finally stopped racing), I sat back, relieved and calm, knowing that the world is in better hands and this morning, when I finally go to bed, I will feel that much more secure in the knowledge that one man has the potential to change the world.

An incredible poem.

  • Nov. 8th, 2008 at 5:29 PM
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During one of my regular forays into the world with which Google presents me, I stumbled upon this poem and thought I would share it with whomever has a boring enough life to actually take the time to read this.

Election Day
J.D McClatchy

The older couples had voted just after dawn,
And by noon the exit polls are underway.
Some talking head opines in San Jose.
My poster is mute and silent on the lawn.

“As the wind blows, so the flag will wave,”
Says a cynic who is nevertheless waiting in line.
The woman in front of him has been assigned
The nearest booth where she plans, again, to save

The Republic from itself — the drama played out
In this miniature theater, with its curtain and cast.
Today will be a performance of the past,
Its fortunes and flaws, its certainty and doubt.

The pencil has no eraser. She makes her choice,
Determined but still uncertain how it will end,
As the Founders were as well who thought to lend
So much importance to each small impassioned voice.

But will the cynic’s vote now cancel hers?
She stays behind to watch him enter the booth.
(In our democracy, we think “the truth”
Is what everyone, regardless, secretly prefers.)

She won’t know anything but threats and trends
Until, again in the dark, but midnight’s now,
She can sense what hope the numbers will allow,
And what you get when you smear or overspend.

She will sit and stare at charts on CNN.
(But aren’t we redeemed by what they cannot show?
The struggle in each restless heart to know
The terms on which the nation’s fate depends.)

She will think how, at last, millions have spoken as one,
That freedom requires an open mind and hand,
And the strength to be forgiven and understand,
And that tomorrow morning it has all just begun.

No copyright infringement intended. This poem is the intellectual property of J.D McClatchy.

I would also like to share a quote from an article entitled 'The Obama Agenda' by Paul Krugman, which was published in the New York Times on November 7, 2008.

"...this year’s presidential election was a clear referendum on political philosophies — and the progressive philosophy won... The bottom line, then, is that Barack Obama shouldn’t listen to the people trying to scare him into being a do-nothing president. He has the political mandate; he has good economics on his side. You might say that the only thing he has to fear is fear itself."

The rest of the article, which I feel is well worth a read, can be found at

He's Done It!!!

  • Nov. 5th, 2008 at 3:39 PM
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Obama is In! Come January 20th, he will be the 44th President of the United States of America.
Today I spent my lunch time in my school library eagerly watching the CNN report on the election as it happened, hoping that the end result would be announced before I had to return to class. Unfortunately, it was not to be. The bell rang just as it was announced that Ohio had officially been won by the Democrats. I spent the next two periods fidgeting anxiously, willing time to go faster. Finally, after 100 minutes of English, the bell rang and I ran to my car. Once home, I headed straight for my television and
OBAMA HAS DONE IT. America has made the right decision.
Senator Obama has done an incredible job getting to this position. I am eager to see how President Obama will deal with the economic crisis, as it, for obvious reasons, did not appear in his original mission statement and he has avoided stating exactly which of his original plans he will be forced to sacrifice on account of it.

This is a truly historical election, and I have full confidence that he will be a great leader.

Election day!!!

  • Nov. 4th, 2008 at 7:22 AM
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Today is Election Day! Well, technically, it's tomorrow, stupid time difference. But I will rant and rave about it today, because on my side of the world, it is the 4th.
So, despite the fact that I am neither old enough nor of the right nationality to cast my vote, I maintain an adamant belief that Senator Obama must be elected president of the USA, because failure to do so, that is Senator McCain being elected, will result in utter disaster.
Obviously, I support Senator Obama, and here are my reasons why:
1. Senator Obama has maintained a consistently liberal voting record, despite this often making him unpopular among many of his peers.
2. Whilst I thought it highly unlikely that Obama would win the support of the Democratic Party over Hillary, I was thoroughly impressed by his decision to take on the Clintons, as they represent such a strong power base in American politics. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that he had, in fact, won.
3. By the very nature of being multinational, he represents the country that America sees itself as being more than any other candidate. America truly seems to be ready for change and he represents that.
4. As he was elected the president of the Harvard Law Review, he has already proven that he is more than capable of successfully defying the 'rules' set down by white, conservative traditionalism.
5. At no point has he ever supported any part of this illegal war America seems to find itself stuck in. Not Once!
6. Due to his belief that the civil rights movement is far from over, he plans to fight employment discrimination and eliminate sentencing disparities.
7. By earning back the respect of foreign leaders and ordinary foreign citizens, like myself, Obama seems more than capable of repairing the broken image the rest of the world has of the USA and partially restoring America's reputation.
8. He is prepared, as an experienced civil rights lawyer, to give the Department of Justice a much needed overhaul.
9. His health care plan involves preventative medicine not just treatment, which may be less lucrative for pharmaceutical companies, but better for the country's citizens.
10. His plans to solve the environmental and energy crises are not only eco-smart, but politically practical.

These points, plus an amazing strength of character, have, for me, sprouted a great, and ever increasing, sense of respect for and belief in Senator Obama.


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