Birthdays, camping and vengeful priests

  • Jan. 15th, 2009 at 7:13 PM
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Yesterday, the 14th, was my birthday. My friends took me camping. This isn't something unusual, we do it almost every weekend. Camping, or at least the parts I can remember (which isn't a whole lot), were mostly uneventful. Fun, but uneventful. We sat around a fire, ate, drank, laughed and sang Kumbaya (seriously. I was surprised to discover that the song actually has more lyrics than 'Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya.' Who knew?). At sometime during the night I received a phone call from my Priest, who asked me to swing by my Church the next day (today) and pay him a visit. At this point, I was far too intoxicated to come up with a convincing excuse, and, thus, agreed.
So, around lunch time today, with a killer hangover and a lot of residual buzz from a mystery white powder which was flavoured with grape jelly crystals (to make it easier on the nasal cavities, my arse), I turned up at my church. My priest gave me a big hug, a cute teddy bear and the third degree regarding the previous night's activities. After determining that my soul, once again, needed saving, he made me say the Rosary 6 times. SIX!!! that is 2 whole hours of continuous prayer.
On the bright side, my friend laughed at me so he made her do it, too. That'll teach her to mess with Father Roman.
So, after 2 hours, my knees were dumb, my back was killing me and my voice was hoarse, but my soul was safe and sound... until about 4 minutes later when I partook of some more mystery white grape powder in the car. Now my monitor is melting and the words won't stay still.


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