Why are you so mean to me?

  • May. 27th, 2009 at 1:29 PM
aissi: (Default)
According to Don Page MP (Australian small-town politician), I'm being cyberbullied.
This is a scan from a community information magazine he had distributed, entitled 'Bullying... Let's Stamp it out!'

I've taken the liberty of highlighting the items that apply to me.

1) Well duh. If I didn't, I'd actually be forced to do my homework.

2) It would be a lot easier to sleep if late-night infomercials weren't so appealing! And who doesn't have the occasional bad dream?

3) I do have my off days.

4) WHO ARE YOU CALLING MOODY?!?! let's be friends!

5) This happens a lot. Usually after I've eaten excessively large quantities of something!

6) I totally lost my friend Cate in K-Mart the other day!

7) See item 1.

So I've decided that everyone should be super nice to me from now on or I'll be forced to report you!


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