ummm... Sparklpyres at 30 paces...?

  • May. 19th, 2009 at 4:47 PM
aissi: (Buffy beats Twatlight)
Today I had to go to 'the big city' with my dad to sort out some stuff with my driver's licence.
While we were there, we went shopping.

In the shopping centre (mall, for you Americans) we were walking past this girl (I think she was about 12), who was wearing an 'I Love Edward' shirt. I decided that this was the perfect moment to inform my dad of just how terrible Twatlight is. The girl obviously heard me (as I had intended) and, as we passed, she turned around in order to continue to glare at us. As she did so, she noticed that standing about 30 feet away was a girl of around the same age wearing exactly the same shirt, only hers said 'I love Jacob'. Both girls stopped dead in their tracks and stood there glaring at one another. They were still staring daggers when we turned the corner 2 minutes later.
Has anybody ever stood between crowds of Chelsea and Manchester fans after a final? It was like that, only with training bras and less testosterone.

Also, on the way home (I was driving) it started to rain so hard that I honestly couldn't see anything. It was absolutely terrifying. Anybody who has tried navigating a highway off-ramp and a series of roundabouts blindfolded will know what I"m talking about

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