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The battle to end all battles

  • May. 7th, 2009 at 6:42 PM
aissi: (Cuddy - stolen cane)
In my last post, I mentioned the fact that Canadian milk comes in bags. After a conversation with my aunt, I've come to the realisation that, not only are Canada not unique in this regard, they're not even the best.
My aunt informed me that when she lived in London she would buy organic milk in bags and, apparently, I loved this milk last time I visited her.

So here are the reasons why England does milk in a bag better than Canada.

1. In Canada, 4 litres of milk comes in 3 bags. What? where is the logic behind a bag that holds 1.33333333333333333L of milk? English milk bags are 500mL. Nice and sensible.

2. In Canada, one needs a pitcher to hold one's milk bag.

British milk bags are self-standing and have a built in handle.

I think they are actually quite pretty.

3. Canadian milk bags are made of icky, non-biodegradable plastic.
English milk bags are biodegradable. They're made of calcium carbonate which biodegrades into CO2, water and chalk.

4. Canadian milk bags cost $9.99 CAD per 4L. English milk bags cost £5.20 per 4L.
With the current exchange rate, that means that non-organic Canadian milk is 44p more than organic English milk.

I, therefore, conclude that England is superior to Canada in the milk bag department.