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aissi: (Thirteen - dirty version)
It wasn't until my friend commented on it this morning that I realised it was a bit unusual that I have 19 varieties of cheese in my fridge and several more in our wine cellar, which has a special 'section de fromage'.

After mentioning it again at school, I promised [personal profile] spaceman that I would make a post about my assortment of cheeses.

I had intended to post photos, but I haven't figured out how to do so on Dreamwidth and I can't find my camera.

Nonetheless, I shall post a list.

1. Feta (we have 6 varieties of feta of different ages, from different animals and marinated in different things, but I can't really tell the difference, so I'm not counting them)
2. Cheddar
3. Parmesan
4. Pecorino Romano
5. Halloumi
6. Boccaccini
7. Brie
8. Camembert
9. Langres
10. Mimolette
11. Abondance
12. Neufchâtel
13. Rochebarron
14. Mont d'Or
15. Raclette
16. Édel de Cléron
17. A Dutch cheese I don't know the name of
18. Vacherin du Haut-Doubs
19. Gorgonzola

I have no idea what's in the wine cellar; I don't make a habit of going down there as it's cold and dark and scary.

Also, my cousin did something funny today.

We were talking about all of the churches in town and which religions they belonged to. This lead to a conversation about Seventh Day Adventists.
In an attempt to explain what a SDA was, my father said that the first 7 days of the Advent hold particular significance for them. At this, my 3 year old cousin started crying and became quite distressed.
It took us several minutes to get her to calm down enough to explain to us that she was crying because "the Seventh Day Adventists only get 7 days in their advent calenders."

Also, apparently Canadian milk comes in bags! What the frak is that about?!?!